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Yes we do!  One day drop-in is $20 or $25 for class and a t-shirt.  You can sign up on our website or feel free to just show up.  Please come at least ten minutes before class is scheduled to start so that you can fill out a waiver and your coach can give you a short tour.

We also offer a multiple class pass at a discount for those staying in town longer.

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.  CrossFit is a well-rounded fitness program including all aspects of fitness you may encounter in daily life- running, jumping, lifting, throwing, climbing, etc.  A regular class involves a warm-up, specific warm-up, workout of the day (WOD), and a cool down.  The class could include gymnastic movements as advanced as handstands or as simple as an air squat or weightlifting like bench press or a snatch or monostructural movement like running or rowing.

Each movement has a modification for those that might not be ready for the listed movement so we can scale it down to your ability.

Absolutely!  Anyone can do CrossFit.  The best thing about CrossFit is it is infinitely scale-able. We are the FIRST and ONLY gym to use The Level Method.  This allows us to scale the workouts to your ability level and gives you a map to improvement.

Heck yes!  Again, anyone can do CrossFit and that includes kids of all ages.  For kids between 6-12 years old we encourage you to try our BE Kids classes.  Those over the 13 years-old can join our BE Teens class or may join our regular CrossFit classes.

This is probably the number one question we get from women.  I understand the concern and I can assure you that no one that exercises has ever gotten bulky without the expressed intent to do so.  The women you see at the CrossFit Games spend more than two hours every day in the gym and plan their entire lives around the sport of CrossFit.  When you come to BE we don’t plan to turn you into Games athletes.  We just want you to have fun, get fit and feel healthy.  If you have more questions about this or want more information please email or stop in and ask our coaches.

Yes!  We are the FIRST and ONLY gym to use The Level Method.  This allows us to scale the workouts to your ability level and gives you a map to improvement.

All of our coaches are knowledgeable and have an extensive background in providing a safe environment and scaling options for any injury.

Whether you think the workout looks too hard or, even at times, too easy you shouldn’t skip.  CrossFit is intended to be a well-rounded program that touches all aspects of fitness.  By skipping certain days you’re allowing yourself to not be as well rounded.

As for some of the more difficult movements, even some of the coaches can’t do the movements.  But just like with an injury we scale back the movement to something that you’re capable of doing.

We have a full menu of membership packages listed in Programs.  Our prices range from $20 for a drop-in to $180 for an unlimited monthly membership.

Yes! We offer a 15% family discount for those living in the same household (couples and children of the member).  We also offer 10% off for military, police, and fire.  Discounts can not be combined.

Yes, we have one shower but please remember to bring a towel.

No, but you will have to meet with our head coach to talk about your experience, take a tour of the facility, and perform some of the Level Method assessments prior to beginning your membership.

We have a lounge area that offers toys, movies, coloring books and a kids table.  Supervision is FREE and offered M-F during our 9am and 12pm classes but we do ask that you RSVP 24 hours in advance.