Goals vs Expectations

Goals vs Expectations – November Newsletter

In this month’s edition of 2019 Goal planning I’d like to discuss the difference between Goals and Expectations.

We’ve all been guilty of having expectations of ourselves and being disappointed when we don’t meet those expectations.  The easiest answer for why we didn’t meet those expectations is because they aren’t goals.

Goals require concrete details along with action steps.  Most of you have probably heard of SMART goals.  This is an acronym to set yourself up for success in reaching your goal.  Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound.  In my opinion it’s good to have a stretch goal that goes with that too.  A stretch goal is a goal that seems out of reach now but with solid, smaller SMART goals along the way could eventually be achievable (Ex.- “I’ve never done a 5K but I signed up for a marathon next fall”)

Expectations on the other hand are just hopes and wishes that something will happen.  This doesn’t work in life and it sure doesn’t work in fitness.  I can hope all I want to be able to do a backflip and even set a ‘goal’ of being able to do it in one year but if I don’t set the appropriate action steps to get there I’m just going to break my neck.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with coming to class each day and giving your all.  But if you think that it’s the path to achieving difficult movements you’re dreaming.  It takes deliberate practice (check October’s newsletter for more on that) along with a SMART goal set in advance to reach those dreams.  So if you want more from your fitness and to see a measurable difference this time next year join me in setting a SMART (and stretch) goal for 2019.

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