Individual Design Results

In 2018, BE added Individual Design as one of our services offered.  The process starts out with a phase of testing including a lifestyle assessment along with nutrition and goal setting.  Then the client is given up to 5 workouts weekly designed specifically for them.  Individual design isn’t for everyone because if you sign up all of your workouts are written for you and many are done alone.  (Although I am there for any questions that arise and videos are used to ensure proper form.)

The first people to sign up were Kyle McGrath and Kim Mark.  They both had the ultimate goal of improving in the 2019 CrossFit Open.  They went above and beyond expectations.

When we started out both Kyle and Kim struggled with gymnastic movements and needed to improve on their lifts.  With only a year of Individual Design they both have PR’ed every one of their lifts from Back Squat, Front Squat and Deadlift to Clean, Jerk and Snatch.

A few highlights of their weightlifting improvements were Kyle’s Front Squat going from 250 to 275lbs and his Snatch going from 165 to 180lbs.  Both were improved by not just working the movement but also by developing his core, mobility and bracing technique.

Kim saw her Back Squat go from 170 to 200lbs and her Deadlift go from 235 to 285lbs!  Her Snatch also went from 85 to 115lbs!  This wouldn’t have been possible if she didn’t embrace heavy weights and show patience with the process.

If you aren’t familiar with weightlifting these are all BIG improvements for seasoned lifters.

Highlights of their gymnastic improvements and overall core development include Kyle going from barely getting a strict handstand push up to finishing 21 in less than 5 minutes!  He had also never done a strict ring muscle up and now does them unbroken for sets of 2-4 reps at a time.  Both are impressive accomplishments.

Kim became a regular gymnast going from a handful of strict handstand push ups to 28 in less than five minutes and regularly does them from a deficit (meaning her hands are placed 2-6″ off the floor and she lowers her head to the ground and back up).  Bar muscle ups were one of her worst movements a year ago and she recently did 30 in less than 8 minutes AFTER finishing a workout!

As for the 2019 CrossFit Open here is a short comparison to highlight their dramatic jump in placement:


  • In 2018 Kyle finished 8082nd worldwide (35-39 age) and in 2019 he was 2883rd (92nd%).
  • In 2018 Kyle was the 67th fittest man in Indiana (35-39 age) and in 2019 he was 29th.
  • In 2018 Kyle had workout finishes in Indiana of 130th and 110th with a best of 46th.  In 2019 he never did worse than 57th and had a 23rd and 22nd in 19.4 and 19.5.


  • In 2018 Kim finished 10,232nd worldwide and in 2019 she was 4,523rd (96th%).
  • In 2018 Kim was the 57th fittest woman in IN and in 2019 she was 25th.
  • In 2018 she had workout finishes in Indiana of 294th and 173rd with a best of 57th.  In 2019 she never did worse than 84th and finished 19.4 in 25th.

They both deserve a lot of recognition for their improvements.  As a coach I give athletes the plan but it is up to the athlete to execute it.  It’s a tough dynamic for some because there isn’t constant attention from the coach so it’s on the athlete to make sure they stay focused and don’t just go through the motions.  They both put in a lot of time to reach their goals and should be proud of their development.  I know that I’m amazed at what both Kyle and Kim were able to accomplish in a year’s time and am proud to be their Coach.

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