BE Barbell Club

BE Barbell Club

BE Barbell Club is designed to improve our members’ abilities in the Olympic lifts by following 6-8 week cycles focused on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  Each cycle has a different end goal such as improvement in positioning or overall strength.

For an example of such tips watch the video below from Ray on the Olympic lift Snatch.


  • Included in CrossFit Membership (would count as one of the 12 classes if you are a 12x Month Member)
  • Drop-In $20

Ray Mark

Barbell Club Head Coach

Staying fit and active came naturally to Raymond thanks to his involvement in recreational and competitive sports.  However after graduating from Purdue University in 2007, Raymond struggled to find a fitness avenue which provided him with aesthetic and strength gains while feeding his competitive spirit.  It wasn’t until 2013, after six months of his wife pushing him to give it a try, that Raymond stepped into his first CrossFit box and became immediately hooked.  Raymond firmly believes that CrossFit is the most effective, functional and motivational method of fitness for both athletes of sport and those seeking life longevity.