BE Teens

BE Teens CrossFit

Our BE Teens class is intended for young athletes age 13-17 who wish to improve their athletic ability for their chosen sport but also for those just looking to get fit.  This class will introduce and progress functional fitness and weightlifting movements according to each individual athlete.  Our goal is to not only improve athletic performance, but to encourage teenagers to develop an overall healthy lifestyle and positive self-image in a team oriented environment.


  • 20 sessions $260 (25% discount!)
  • 12 Sessions $156
  • 4 sessions $60
  • Drop-In (1 session) $17

Daniel George

BE Teens Head Coach

Danny joined Body Evolution because he saw that members are more than just a number, they’re friends and family. As a coach who has worked with a lot of young athletes it’s important to see your athletes as people first, he has tried to do this since beginning his career as a coach and saw that BE lived by this philosophy as well. Danny has worked with many young people who have gone on to play at the Division 1 level in the NCAA, broken school records and achieved countless personal bests. He trains & coaches because it brings him joy when people reach their goals and are able to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • B.S. in Exercise Science from SIU
  • Level Method
  • First Aid/CPR