Individual Coaching

Individual Design

Individual Design is truly customized to each individual.  We offer programming not just workouts.  Anyone can write a workout.  Our coaches design a program based on your goals and needs.  The program outline could cover a matter of months or even a year.  You will not be doing workouts written that day just to give you a hard workout.  You will be given workouts, nutrition advice, lifestyle guidelines and more designed for you and written with the intent to improve you over a set period of time.

How does it work?

  1. It all starts with communication!  You will sit down with your coach for a 60-minute initial consultation to not only discuss fitness goals but also to discuss lifestyle and nutrition habits.
  2. After your coach understands you better as a person we move to the assessment phase.  Your coach will assess basic movement along with strength testing and body measurements.
  3. Each week you will receive programming designed specifically for you through TrueCoach, an easy to use app.  With the app you’ll receive the daily workouts along with tempo, reps, sets, rest period and video demos.  The app also allows you to send notes and feedback on the workouts along with videos of yourself performing the exercises when your coach requests it.
  4. You have the option to perform your workouts at your own gym or you can access BE during open gym hours to complete your workouts.  A coach will be on the floor while you workout to keep an eye on you and answer any questions you may have.  
  5. Each month you receive one personal training session which can be used to go through a workout or as a consultation to discuss the program.

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Included in ID:

  • 100% Individualized Programming
  • (1) 1v1 60-Minute Personal Training Session ea. month
  • Access to the TrueCoach app
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Lifestyle Guidelines and Tips
  • Video Reviews
  • Open Gym Access

To read more about specific results with our Individual Design clients click here


  • Please contact BE for I.D. rates

Individual Design clients Kyle and Kim, clearly excited with their CrossFit Open results

Patrick with Individual Design client Jason after completing Ironman Muncie 70.3

Personal Training

One-on-one personal training is available in various formats.  We offer 60 minute sessions specialized for each client.  The client’s personal goals and movement assessment will determine the programming.  Discounts available when purchased in a package.

We also offer 30 minute Skill sessions for the client that wants to improve in one specific skill like running or a broader area like gymnastic skills.  Contact Body Evolution to set up your Free No-Sweat Intro to help determine the best plan for you.


  • One Hour $80
  • Skill Sessions $45 / 30min

Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching is our Individual Design option for those out of town.  Just like individual design we begin with a face-to-face consultation, although remotely with Skype.  From there we utilize movement assessment and exercise testing along with your personal goals to prescribe the program perfectly suited for you.  Each month we’ll have a video call to go over the progress we’ve made and what still needs to be done.


  • Contact BE for Remote Coaching Rates